La Jolla Overnight Doula

Baby Ryan, Dana S. and Loretta

Loretta, We are so grateful for all you do! You have made our lives so ​much better. Love,

- Sara and Christian W.

La Jolla, CA

We hired Loretta for both of our children and that was the best​ thing we could have ever done. She is a pleasure and wonderful with both parents, and babies. Loretta has a genuine caring nature.

- Brittany & Nigel M.

Naples, FL

Loretta is an exceptional person with an extraordinary heart. She was our full time night doula until our baby was six months old - we could not say goodbye! Loretta is one of the most respectful, generous, energetic, professional, flexible, lovely, fun, positive people we have ever met. She was nurturing not only to my sweet baby, but to me as a new mother. I met many doulas along my journey and Loretta is in a class all her own. Having a doula helped us sleep and feel more secure about our new little baby, but having Loretta as our doula truly changed our lives and started our family in a positive trajectory that may not have been without her guidance, love, laughter and support. We truly love Loretta, hope to know her forever,  and feel that any baby out there is so lucky to have her care for them. 
- Jocie & Chris V. 
Del Mar, CA 

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Loretta was an amazing gift given to me and my family and her love and support will be with us forever!

-Dana and Mike S.

Naples, FL